Understanding AI

A Comprehensive Guide to the Thinking Process and Practical Usage

By: Justin Sabatini


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing industries, but how does it really work? This guide will demystify AI, shedding light on how machine learning operates and offering effective tips to leverage AI tools. Understanding AI's limitations is key to maximizing its potential.

The Fundamentals of Machine Learning

Machine learning operates on the principle that our world is predictable. When an AI model makes a comparison with the validation set, it assesses how well it replicates output data against the expected result. The model then determines whether it's in a better or worse state than before, rewarding good predictions and penalizing bad ones. This continuous evaluation guides the machine toward more accurate output, a process that might seem simple but constitutes the core of AI's learning ability.

Key Considerations

The Reality of AI

AI is a powerful tool but not a panacea. Generating novel ideas might hinder other aspects of the system. When using AI technology, ensure clarity in instructions and provide all necessary information for intelligent decision-making. Avoid ambiguous or overly complex requests, as they can lead to unpredictable results.

Limitations and Best Practices

It's essential to remember that AI, like ChatGPT, is not a magical solution. Current models may struggle with complex data and may be grounded in biased information. Utilize AI for routine tasks, like drafting emails, formatting drafts, coding simple methods, and expanding on existing ideas. Be realistic about the level of complexity AI can handle effectively at this time.


AI is an evolving field with immense potential, yet it also has intrinsic limitations. By understanding how AI thinks and operates, we can make intelligent choices in its application. Recognize AI's strengths and weaknesses, and you'll be well-equipped to leverage this powerful technology in your daily tasks. 

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