TES IV: The Last Akaviri

Unearth the lost chapters of history in 'The Last Akaviri', an unprecedented Oblivion mod. Venture deep into the Imperial City's underground, home to an ancient Akaviri warrior, living a cursed existence as a vampire.

An enigmatic writer and illusionist tasks you with a mission: penetrate the warrior's mind, explore Memory Island's dreamlike realms, brave the chilling depths of the Subconscious Caverns. Witness the ancient world through the Akaviri's eyes, and unmask the Daedric fiend that haunts his soul.

Battle ancient foes, solve cryptic puzzles, and weave through a tapestry of illusion and reality to free the Akaviri from his torment and lift the timeless curse. But tread carefully - the mind is a treacherous battlefield, and not everything is as it seems.

In 'The Last Akaviri', each decision carves your path and every discovery unravels the story. Arm yourself with rare Akaviri weapons, wield powerful magic, and etch your mark on Oblivion's history. The adventure begins beneath the familiar, in the hidden depths of the unknown.

Subconscious Caverns: Exploration Video

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